Veggie shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash


Image via Wikipedia

I checked what I have at home so that I would not have to go to buy stuff just to make dinner and I found that I have sweet potatoes. I just recently discovered them and I love it. I like texture, I like taste and my husband really likes tim as well, so I am happy to be able to introduce some new element into our kitchen. So, I decided to use sweet potatoes and again consulted BBC Good food and came up with this recipe. It worked out really well and definitely will be making again. Of course, as always, I had to make some improvisations, so instead of red wine, I used diluted red wine vinegar, I replaced lentils by red kidney beans, did not bother with vegetarian cheddar and instead of fresh thyme, I used dried. All in all, result was really, as Keven concluded it is some kind of chilli (just without chilli peppers) with mashed potatoes on top :)))))

if you call it like that, then why not….


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